Tea & Symphony, February 16, 2014

What a superb concert. Thanks to everyone involved.
I was going to mention my favourite soloists but my wife Margaret said it wouldn’t be fair.
The selection of music was excellent.
How lucky we are to have so many talented musicians performing in Sooke.
The subject of acoustics came to my mind.
Each performer was crystal clear to the audience yet in such a bizarre space.
Room extensions going off in different directions, corridors, a high roof, concrete and no baffles .
Why did it sound so clear?
Sound experts say good acoustics are still more of an art than a science, or just plain luck.
Builders often don’t get it right even after spending millions on a new concert hall.
Was it the way the tables were arranged or was it because they cut the crusts off the sandwiches ?
Who knows ?
— David Lintern (former Sooke Philharmonic Society President)

And the winner is…

Alice Haekyo Lee has carried off the first prize at this year’s Don Chrysler Concerto Competition. Saturday night at Philip Young Hall, at U Vic, she wowed the jury and the audience with a wonderful performance of Saint-Saens’ Violin Concerto No. 3.

Alice Haekyo Lee shows her stuff Continue reading

Music for Midsummer Review

Music for Midsummer

Sooke Philharmonic Orchestra

Elspeth Poole, cello

Norman Nelson, conductor

Alix Goolden Performance Hall
June 26, 2010

By Deryk Barker

Before August 1914, the central feature of every English village green was its maypole. After 1918, it was the war memorial. The rest of Europe was, of course, similarly traumatised.

Although “The Great War” was to cast its shadow over the rest of the twentieth century – reading a history of the events of mid-1914 is a sobering experience, with its litany of all-too-familiar places: Serbia, Bosnia, Sarajevo. However, I can only think of a single great musical work which is clearly a reaction to that cataclysmic event: Elgar’s Cello Concerto.

The first half of Saturday evening’s concert closed with a stunning performance of what is, for me, the greatest of all concertante works for the instrument. Elspeth Poole gave a most eloquent and virtuosic account of the solo part, with immaculate intonation, fine tone and a maturity beyond her relatively tender years. From the dramatic opening gesture to its deeply poignant return at the work’s close she did not put a foot – of rather, a finger – wrong. Continue reading

Kudos to “Sonic” Orchestra and organizers

by email – Sunday April 19,2010

From Yariv Aloni, conductor of the Victoria Chamber Orchestra


Dear committee members and ‘sonic’ orchestra players.

I wanted to thank you all for last night.

Committee members; your incredible support, enthusiasm, willing to pull through, work hard and even take risks was the only reason this concert went so well. Continue reading