Jean Knight 1923 – 2014

Mike Cochrane, SPO bass, was one of the musicians who gathered this past Sunday at All Saints Church on Saltspring to remember our friend and fellow musician, Jean Knight, and he sent us a few words about the memorial.




A pale sunlit afternoon, the welcoming vestibule of All Saints-by-the-Sea.

This coolly pleasant January.

        This is Jean’s church.

There in the sanctuary a smile: compelling, magnetic, irresistible.

Her beauty, alluring, delicate.

        This is Jean not so long ago.

And there is another photo:

Jean’s smile ever more invincible… ever more gracious.

        This is Jean now.

Jean the den mother. Nurturing her “kits”.

Those seconds Norman met.

        This is Vancouver Jean.

The Elgar Serenade; profound

Inevitability of life’s passage.

        There is Jean playing second.

And Mozart, carefree, cheerful, cheeky; Jean all over.

I believe she’s dancing, sharing joy, as we play.

        This is the Jean we know.

In my tiny cramped place as I play, a daisy is misplaced

From the vase behind my Bass. Detached from its stem

It rests like a delicate white posy at my feet.

The Service concludes – retrieving my fragile posy I place

Her back in her family’s vase, Jean smiling from her portrait.

        This is Jean.

Mike Cochrane played his bass at the memorial.

Mike Cochrane played his bass at the memorial. (Brenda Knight, photo.)


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