Nancy Washeim returns to sing Schubert

She will sing this weekend  with the Sooke Chamber Players and the Sooke Philharmonic Chorus

Nancy Washeim, carrying on a delightful Christmas tradition, will perform the Salve Regina D.676 (Op. 153) November 20th and December 1st , in Sooke and Metchosin.

“I’ve really enjoyed working on the Salve Regina with Norman and the orchestra. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to sing something from Schubert’s sacred works.  I have sung many of Schubert’s lieder or songs and have admired his beautiful melodies,” she told us.

“The text of Salve Regina comes from the Middle Ages, and it was used as a part of the liturgy of the Catholic church. It is exciting to sing this piece as it borders the Classical and Romantic period. I find Schubert’s phrasing very melodic and lovely to sing. It is an interesting change as I am used to singing a lot more Handel and Bach.”

Nancy is being kept very busy with singing. She said, “One highlight musically from this past year was the Monteverdi Vespers.  It was a work that I have wanted to sing for many years, and I was so thrilled!”

The Vespers were performed last June, at St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Victoria, Peter Butterfield conducting.

She is still teaching voice in her studio here in Sooke, and told us, “I have to say that teaching is equally thrilling for me.  I feel that my teaching compliments my performing. I guess you have to try and practice what you preach! It is wonderful to be a part of such a supportive musical community.”

The concerts on Saturday and Sunday will be held in the Sooke Baptist Church and the New St. Mary’s Church in Metchosin, and will be conducted by Wade Noble, with Norman Nelson in the Concertmaster chair.