And the winner is…

Alice Haekyo Lee has carried off the first prize at this year’s Don Chrysler Concerto Competition. Saturday night at Philip Young Hall, at U Vic, she wowed the jury and the audience with a wonderful performance of Saint-Saens’ Violin Concerto No. 3.

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Goodbye, Jim Warner

Jim Warner, Spring 2011

Dear Friends
By now, most of us in the orchestra have been notified of Jim Warner’s death and we are stunned and, of course, at a loss as to how to get our thoughts together. A few of us have been fortunate enough to have known Jim since those very first tentative rehearsals in the St. Rose of Lima Church basement when 14 or so of us simply prayed that Beethoven’s mind was elsewhere. That was back in 1997 and now here we are, a very few years later, and hundreds of dedicated lovers of music – whether players and colleagues, volunteers, board members or just audience members – have had the pleasure of hearing Jim’s lovely playing over and over again as the programs have slipped by and the concert seasons come and gone. I simply can’t say much more, except to anticipate the feelings that we all surely must feel – and say what a privilege it has been to have rejoiced with him in all his enthusiasm after a rewarding concert and shared his agonies beforehand in having to deal with all those wretched reeds. So – no worries now Jim, and my baton is still in C major, as you always pointed out …