Another Successful Wine Tour!

Those of you who came on The Sooke Philharmonic Wine Tour on Sunday Sept 26th will be pleased to know that as a Fund Raising Event, the Tour was very successful.

We raised a mighty $3,308.76 in total. The Silent Auction alone raised $1,349. Not bad considering we did not take credit cards and so all of you had to scrape your pockets and wallets for cash or in some cases get the wife to write a cheque!

Dave at Godfrey Brownell Vineyards offered to give 20% of the proceeds of our total purchases back to the event. This came to the plum sum of $120. Dave also offered lovely food and suggested that we the guests make a contribution to “the cookie jar” to be donated to the Tour. This came to $123.  If your generosity was equal to your appreciation of the food then you must have liked it a lot! Thanks to all and thanks to David for his donations.

As for the Fun side of the Tour, well, from what I saw and heard, I think that everyone had a jolly good time!

For those of you who could not join the Tour, we visited four vineyards in the Cowichan Valley and Duncan: Silverside Farm & Winery, Rocky Creek Winery, then on to Cherry Point Estate Vineyards where we had an excellent lunch to the sweet sounds of a select group of Sooke Phil musicians: Norman Nelson, Alison Crone, Lee Anderson, Sue Innes & Trevor MacHattie. This was followed by a silent auction and a Belgian chocolate ‘Degustation’ (google it if you are not sure what it means!) with ‘Chocolatiere’ Annie Perron of Sooke. Our last stop was at Godfrey Brownell Vineyards.

On the bus, our witty musicians provided a good dose of fun and laughter with their reminiscing on “life as a musician”.  Alison Crone had prepared a quiz which tested everyone’s musical knowledge – or not! Pat Phillips shared her knowledge of local wines.

In all, we did a pretty good job at organizing the Tour (even if I say so myself) and all of you did a fabulous job at giving and giving and giving some more.

Thanks a million to all who gave so generously and to those of you who helped organize the tour and make it a successful Event. Also a big thank you to our local businesses and individuals who gave items for the silent auction.

A la prochaine

Nicole Kedge

Fund Raising Events

Sooke Philharmonic Society


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