Message from the Maestro

Well – the feast is over and what a feast….  There was more than strength in numbers last Saturday night – there was considerable magic, not to mention sleight of fingers and tongues.

In the Chiefs’ dressing-room after the fray, we three were honestly amazed and not a little awed at what had taken place under our very noses, and that from non (or semi in very few instances) professional players – and those poor souls jammed tighter than in any self-respecting Tokyo subway car.    There was more glorious sound than we could have hoped for, but as well came copious amounts of the most memorable pianissimos which personally I would certainly have wagered against achieving – the hardest side to playing any instrument.

I do so hope that most of the people on stage left the building feeling as I did, which was immensely proud – no other word for it – of what we had all achieved together with the very minimum of rehearsal as a complete orchestra, so to speak.

All I can say to the Berlin Phil is eat your heart out. My enormous admiration to everyone, and very sincere thanks for an Enigma which I shall remember with fondness.

…….. Norman


One thought on “Message from the Maestro

  1. WOW! We were spellbound! blown away! immensely proud of you all. The atmosphere was electric from beginning to end. And what a fitting end that was!
    To be able to bring such JOY to so many, a HUGE THANK YOU to you all.
    We feel very sorry for those people who couldn’t be there, they missed a real treat.
    God bless you all, you surely blessed us!

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