Kudos to “Sonic” Orchestra and organizers

by email – Sunday April 19,2010

From Yariv Aloni, conductor of the Victoria Chamber Orchestra


Dear committee members and ‘sonic’ orchestra players.

I wanted to thank you all for last night.

Committee members; your incredible support, enthusiasm, willing to pull through, work hard and even take risks was the only reason this concert went so well.

For me to hear the audience applause after every movement of the brilliantly played Saint Saens, (even the second movement!) and jump to their feet after its last movement, and again doing so after several times during the extremely moving and powerful live Elgar I’ve heard in a long, long time.

For me, the greatest achievement was finding a common goal and connection between our three great organizations. Just like in those rare moment on the concert stage, where everything is totally ‘line-up’ musically, technically and emotionally and it seem to be effortless – those moment are achieved from only hard work and incredible communication between everyone involved. That is what you all achieved.

A special thanks to my great colleagues, George and Norman – it is an honor to share the stage with you guys! A huge thank you to Steven and Lee for maneuvering a very complicated stage managing and helping us concentrating on the music.

I personally applaud each one of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart.




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