Bobby Li — Concertmaster Oct/Nov 2009 Youth Concert

Bobby Li -01

Bobby Li – Concertmaster

Our concertmaster for these October/November youth concerts, Bobby Li, is definitely a youth himself. Bobby is a second-year student at U Vic, studying microbiology.

He is a graduate of Mount Doug High School, where he played in the school orchestra conducted by Mike Klazek (viola). The Victoria schools Festival Orchestra, which sends young musicians to play with the SPO, first provided us with Bobby Li back in 2005, and he has been part of the orchestra ever since.

The Festival Orchestra also gave Bobby his previous concertmaster experience.

Bobby started violin with Esther Tsang-Plant when he was six. He moved through several instructors throughout his life including Sidney Humphreys, Dolores Vann and Trudy Conrad.

His parents are not musicians but his cousin Scott played the violin, he says, and that provided the inspiration.

Obviously the music “took,” and Bobby is now the concertmaster of a venerable orchestra that was formed before his age hit double digits. He also plays in the Hampton Orchestra and the Victoria Chamber Orchestra.

Bobby is doubtless the youngest concertmaster we have had!


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