SPS Survives Gaming Grant Rollercoaster


SPS Survives Gaming Grants Roller Coaster

The Sooke Philharmonic Society received a $17,000 gaming grant in 2008, and was fully expecting to receive the same amount for 2009. You probably heard what happened: the government reneged. Anger on all sides, threats to sue, then a flip-flop and some (a minority) of the gaming grant recipients were to get their money after all.

The SPS was one of the lucky ones.  Recipients with three-year contracts with the province were exempt from the cutbacks.

How did we come to have a three-year contract?

It was a trial.

Terry McGinty, the SPS manager, says we were informed that we had been “selected by the Branch to pilot the new three year Direct Access Program grant approval”.

Why refuse?

With a projected deficit of $5,000 to $8,000 this year (last year’s deficit was less than $1,000), the $17,000 cut would have really hurt. As it is, the forecast is that revenue will be down, mostly due to the current recession. Memberships, ticket sales, business donations, and fundraising revenues are expected to be lower this year simply because people have a little less money to spend.

The Sooke Philharmonic has grown enormously over its 13 years of existence. The first budget was less than $5,000. The first year McGinty was involved, our budget reached the grant total of $15,000. See sidebar for 2008-2009 figures.

McGinty added: The continued growth and success of the Sooke Philharmonic has been made possible in no small measure thanks to the generous financial support of our concert patrons, society members, and business sponsors. With the future of government support very much in doubt, the need for your support is greater than it has ever been.

More Bums In Seats!

Roughly 30% of our revenue comes from ticket sales. All our concerts have room for bigger audiences. The Alix Goolden in particular usually has lots of room. You can help! Tell your friends how great we are!


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